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[VISION]  To change the heart and soul of Kenya and the world.

Welcome to the small group component of your journey of Discovery!  In your small group sessions, you will have a chance to discuss topics related to spiritual growth as well as the eight points of the Fellowship Membership Covenant. In each of our six small group sessions, we will have a short introduction to a topic followed by a section labeled“Encounter.”  The Encounter section is designed for you to review on your own before your group meeting.  There will be scriptures to consider and an opportunity for you to jot down your thoughts.Following the Encounter section is"Explore." These questions are designed to help create a good discussion in your small group time. Next comes the"Engage"section." These questions are more personal, but your group leader may encourage the group to share from this section as well. As questions arise during your small group sessions, don’t hesitate to ask them.  If you are wondering about something, there is a good chance that someone else is wondering too.

JUN 20
posted by vvictorine on June 20, 2020 5:50 as BIBLE READING


1.      What did God say to Jacob in a vision? (2-4)

2.      Who did Jacob take with him into Egypt? (5-7,26)

3.      In what portion of Egypt did Jacob and his descendants settle? (28-29,34)

4.      What did Jacob say after he met Joseph? (30)




JUN 19
posted by vvictorine on June 19, 2020 5:18 as BIBLE READING


1.      What emotions were shown when Joseph revealed himself to his brothers? (1-3, 14-15)

2.      Who did Joseph say sent him to Egypt? (5-8)

3.      For what purpose was Joseph sent into Egypt? (5-7)

4.      How many years of famine were still to come after Joseph revealed himself to his brothers? (6, 11)

5.      What did Pharaoh give Joseph’s brothers permission to do? (17-18)

6.      What did Pharaoh provide for Joseph’s brothers? (19-24)

7.      What was Jacob’s reaction when he heard that Joseph was alive? (25-26)

8.      What convinced Jacob that Joseph was alive? (27)

9.      What did Jacob determine to do? (28)


Discussion Questions 

  1. How does the story of Joseph relate to Romans 8:28?
  2. What besides words are sometimes necessary in order for people to believe?





JUN 18
posted by vvictorine on June 18, 2020 9:42 as BIBLE READING


  1. What did Joseph command his steward to do? (1-2)
  2. After Joseph’s brothers were sent on their way what did Joseph tell his steward to do? (3-6)
  3. What did Joseph’s brothers offer if the cup was found among them? (9)
  4. What did the steward say would happen if the cup were found among them? (10)
  5. In whose sack was the cup found? (11-12)
  6. Who offered to be Joseph’s slave if Joseph would let Benjamin return to his father? (16-18, 32-34)

Discussion Question

  1. Why do you think Joseph tried his brothers the way he did?




JUN 17
posted by vvictorine on June 17, 2020 9:30 as BIBLE READING


  1. Why did Judah at first refuse to go back to Egypt to buy food? (3-5)
  2. What did the brothers take back to Egypt? (11-15)
  3. What did Joseph command when he saw Benjamin? (16-17)
  4. Why were Joseph’s brothers afraid? (18)
  5. What did Joseph ask his brothers when they brought him the present? (26-27)
  6. What was Joseph’s emotional reaction when he saw Benjamin? (29-30)
  7. How large was Benjamin’s serving compared to the others? (34)

Discussion Question 

  1. What do you think of taking a present when you meet with someone?




JUN 16
posted by vvictorine on June 16, 2020 14:29 as BIBLE READING


1.      Who went to buy grain in Egypt? (3)

2.      Who was left behind? (4)

3.      What did Joseph’s brothers do when they came before Joseph? (6)

4.      How did Joseph act toward his brothers? (7)

5.      What did Joseph call his brothers? (9,14,16)

6.      What did Joseph tell them they must do to prove they were not spies? (18-20)

7.      What did they say among themselves that Joseph understood? (21-23)

8.      Who did Joseph hold hostage until they returned with Benjamin? (24)

9.      What did Joseph command to be put in the sacks of grain that the brothers had purchased? (25)

10.    How did Jacob react when he heard the story and saw the bundles of money? (35-36, 38)

11.    What did Reuben offer if they did not bring Benjamin back to Jacob? (37)


Discussion Questions 

  1. Why didn’t the brothers recognize Joseph but Joseph ...


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