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[VISION]  To change the heart and soul of Kenya and the world.

Welcome to the small group component of your journey of Discovery!  In your small group sessions, you will have a chance to discuss topics related to spiritual growth as well as the eight points of the Fellowship Membership Covenant. In each of our six small group sessions, we will have a short introduction to a topic followed by a section labeled“Encounter.”  The Encounter section is designed for you to review on your own before your group meeting.  There will be scriptures to consider and an opportunity for you to jot down your thoughts.Following the Encounter section is"Explore." These questions are designed to help create a good discussion in your small group time. Next comes the"Engage"section." These questions are more personal, but your group leader may encourage the group to share from this section as well. As questions arise during your small group sessions, don’t hesitate to ask them.  If you are wondering about something, there is a good chance that someone else is wondering too.

Monthly Archives: APRIL 2020

APR 17
posted by Michael Orieny on April 17, 2020 7:22 as BIBLE READING

1.       What did God tell Abraham to do to Isaac? (2)
2.       On the third day, going to the land of Moriah, what did Abraham tell the young
          men that were with him? (4-5)
3.       What question did Isaac ask Abraham? (7)
4.       How did Abraham reply to this question? (8)
5.       What did the Angel of the Lord tell Abraham not to do? (12)
6.       What was caught in a thicket that Abraham offered up as a burnt offering? (13)
7.       What did Abraham call the name of the place where he offered up the burnt 
          offering? (14)
8.       In addition to the stars, to what would the number of Abraham’s descendants be 
          compared? (17)
Discussion Questions  
1. Why are we tested?
2. What do you do when God makes a ...


APR 17
posted by Michael Orieny on April 17, 2020 2:49 as BIBLE READING

1.       How old was Abraham when Isaac was born? (5)
2.       What did Sarah say God made her do? (6)
3.       What did Sarah ask Abraham to do to Hagar and her son? (9-10)
4.       In whom did God say Abraham’s seed would be called? (12)
5.       What did God say He would make of the seed of the bondwoman? (13,18)
6.       With whom did Abraham make a covenant? (29-32)
Discussion Question  
1. Why is there often a considerable amount of time between a promise and the fulfillment of the promise?

APR 17
posted by Michael Orieny on April 17, 2020 2:48 as BIBLE READING

1.       How did God spare Abimelech from sinning with regard to Sarah? (3-7)
2.       What motivated Abraham to call Sarah his sister? (10-11)
3.       In what way was Sarah Abraham’s sister? (12)
Discussion Question  
1. How can partial truths be lies?

APR 17
posted by Michael Orieny on April 17, 2020 2:47 as BIBLE READING

1.       What did the men of Sodom want to do to the angels that visited Lot? (4-5)
2.       What did Lot offer the men of Sodom instead? (7-8)
3.       What affliction did the angels put on the men of Sodom who came to Lot’s house? (10-11)
4.       What did the angels tell Lot they were going to do to Sodom? (13)
5.       What did the angels tell Lot and his family to do? (12,15,17)
6.       What was the reaction of Lot’s sons-in-law to this warning? (14)
7.       Why did the angels have to take hold of Lot’s hand? (16)
8.       What did the Lord rain upon Sodom and Gomorrah? (24)
9.       What happened to Lot’s wife? (26)
10.    What did Lot’s daughters do? (30-35)
11.    What children were born of this situation? (36-38)
Discussion Questions  
1. How do your decisions affect your ...


APR 17
posted by Michael Orieny on April 17, 2020 2:45 as BIBLE READING

1.       Why did it seem impossible for Sarah to have a child? (11)
2.       What was Sarah’s reaction to the news that she would have a son? (12)
3.       What questions did the Lord ask Abraham? (13-14)
4.       What didn’t the Lord hide from Abraham? (16-22)
5.       What did the Lord know Abraham would do? (19)
6.       What question did Abraham ask the Lord? (23)
7.       What was the progression of Abraham’s intercession with the Lord?  (24-32)
8.       For how many righteous people would have the Lord spared Sodom? (32)
Discussion Questions  
1. Is the Lord hiding His judgment from His people today?
2. How important is intercessory prayer today?

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